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Flying University of Global Integral Competence

Flying University of Global Integral Competence

Dialoguing With/in Wholeness  


We are used to thinking of dialogue as something that occurs between individuals. Yet most of us have at least touched the awareness of a Whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, of a Mystery or Totality which we try to put in words but is larger than our grasp. Who or what is really hosting and inviting us when we come into dialogue?

The core of this three-day-workshop is an invitation to dialogue with Wholeness to listen closely to the field that is created by our group and our environment, and to enter into its language of non-linear, non-temporal, and multi-sensory communications.  

In our three days, we will use interpersonal, transpersonal and collective dialogue to explore:


The format:

The workshop will include 1) group sharing circles,  2) facilitated experiments in non-verbal expression (i.e. music, sound, movement, art), 3) co-created rituals of “representational dialogue” where non-personal sources of information (i.e. Nature) are given expression through us. We will present a structure for this dialogue, and we will also stay humble and open to what emerges in the group field in case Wholeness asks us to adapt our structure.


For whom:


When & where:

25 – 28 May 2017
Hotel Ribno, Bled, Slovenia
The Ribno Hotel enjoys a quiet setting, only 4 km from the picturesque Lake Bled, Slovenia’s iconic pilgrim place. Ljubljana Airport is 36 km away.
Please consult google map for directions. If you need more information about the location, contact Marjeta.
Start: Thursday, 25 May; with dinner (18.00)
End: Sunday, 28 May; 17.00 hrs


Attendance fee:

- Workshop fee € 150
- Hotel stay (3 nights, melas and cofee breaks); € 180 (double room); € 270 (single room - limited availability)



Our lead facilitator is Aliyah David of the USA. He is a facilitator of Transpersonal Group and Constellation Work. He specializes in Creativity and Improvised Performance as a means to collective healing & awakening.  His website is www.letsperformmiracles.com   

Assisted by:

Kazuma Matoba

Since 1999 Kazuma has researched and facilitated dialogue process as a tool for social and personal transformation. He is a founder of Institute for Global Integral Competence (www.ifgic.org) and teaching at Bundeswehr University and Witten/Herdecke University in Germany.

Marjeta Novak

Marjeta combines a variety of strength-based approaches (such as Circle/Council, Bohmian Dialogue, Appreciative Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication, land-based practices and wilderness rites of passage) for people to meet as humans, regain hope and work together towards what they truly long for. More: www.humus.si/en

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Please register here by 10 April 2017.

You can pay through Paypal or wire transfer to IfGIC account (IBAN: DE46 4306 0967 4069 8319 00, BIC: GENODEM1GLS)

If you have any question, please send email to kazuma.matoba@gmx.de