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Flying University of Global Integral Competence

Flying University of Global Integral Competence

Monthly IfGIC-Webinars

IfGIC Webinars

In 2017 we would like to invite you to join our monthly free Webinar Series, providing valuable educational information on timely, interdisciplinary topics around

Cosmopolitan Communication. A key future of our webinars is to give, receive and discuss information and combine visions of transcultural justice, peace and conviviality to include more ideas, concepts and visions. You are very welcome to be a part of it!  

Join us on the second Monday of every month from 20:30 to 22:00 (CET) and meet the groups of scholars who initiated the Institute of Global Integral Competence as well as the associated local and international friends joining IfGIC. Our webinars will be provided for you to learn more about the fields of our expertise and open a discussion about the direction of human development and our part there: a more complete picture of human experience.


Webinars will take place monthly, on the second Monday from 20:30 to 22:00 CET. The first one starts on 13th February 2017.


Our webinar courses consist of monthly learning sequences. Each learning sequence is composed of input from our areas of expertise interspersed or follow with interactive discussion and some learning exercises, where we can together immadietely practice the concepts from the input.


We will be using Zoom, which allows us to share audio, docuemnts and applications with the webinar attendees.

To join the webinar on the second Monday please follow the instructions below:


Looking forward to meeting you there!

Your IfGIC-Team

Anna Storck (Webinar Coordinator)

13th February: Kazuma Matoba will be facilitating the webinar: "Person-Energy-in-Conversation: Speech act theory, social constructionism and physics."


13th March: Anna Storck will be facilitating the webinar: "Integral Education. Train the Trainer"

"I am passionate about education, both learning and teaching and I personally think that education is everything. We don't need little changes, we need gigantic revolutionary changes. That is my position, but I just haven't figured out how to do it yet. So I decided to start with education. In this webinar I would like to introduce you my Integral Train the Trainer Program, which is about finding our own passion and mission as an educator, in order to create a unique personal learning style and about how to manage ourselves and our resources in the most optimal way, in order to make meaningful contact with the group and build the most favourable conditions for accelerated learning. Let's talk about the best components of both conventional and alternative approaches to education which allow us to go into a fuller, wider, deeper, more transformative educational space, honouring each and yet transcending the limits of both."

Looking forward to meeting you there

Anna Storck

10th April: Marion Weber will be facilitating the webinar: "Shadow work"

Shadows are unconscious parts within our personality. They play out and interact in most of our conversations and interactions. The more we become conscious about them and the more we release the hidden energy the more we communicate from a free place in us. In this webinar is given an explanation of shadows and how shadow work can be done to regain more energy and live more freely.

8th May: Mari Sawada will be facilitating the webinar: "Yoni - the womb space - source of the original power and beauty for women"

Love your yoni - your holy, intimate space including the vagina and the womb - and get back to your original power and beauty! Very important informations also for men!

19th June: Agata Nienajadlo will be facilitating the webinar: "Culture as a construct. Shaping of cultural Self."

We all are cultural beings and culture has huge impact on our personality, the way we think, behave, live etc. The American anthropologist Edward T. Hall writes in his book "The silent language":

"Culture hides more than it reveals and strangely enough what it hides, it hides most effectively from its own participants. Years of study have convinced me that the real job is not to understand foreign culture but to understand our own." (E.T. Hall 1959)

Because culture "works" often intuitive and subconscious, we need to dig deep, to be able to better understand how culture is shaping who we are. On the other side, it is equally important to know the "forces" behind cultural shaping of Self.
In the webinar, I would like to give you some insights into the topic of culture from two different perspectives: how culture is shaping individuals and how culture is being constructed?

10th July: David Aliyah Azoulay will be facilitating the webinar: "Changing patterns through Representational Relating"

How can we bypass personal biases to create systemic change? One approach is to agree to become impersonal "representatives" of particular aspects of a problem- and then focus on the relationships between the representatives rather than their viewpoints.

For example, if we are discussing "the best form of government," we might have one person represent democracy, another autocracy, another socialism, and another "the government of the future." Rather than participants debating ideas about these forms (we've had plenty of that!), they are asked to attend to sensations in their body and their feelings towards other representatives- working out complex issues "relationally" and within the safety of a role distinguished from their person.

Constellation Work has been using this method successfully for years to heal ancestral wounding. Let's try it to explore our group purpose, or whatever issue seems to be the hot button of the day when we meet in July.

Guaranteed engagement!

14th August: Stephen Holmes will be facilitating the webinar: "Rhythm and Intercultural Communication"

Based on my article which will be published soon. It will focus on a part of Edward Hall's works which have been ignored by the intercultural training and teaching community. Rhythm will be treated as a bridge to the aesthetic experience, which has also been ignored, and the aesthetic experience will be treated as a bridge to the construction of embodied value, including moral value. Milton Bennett has come closest to this understanding as he included embodiment as an important aspect of intercultural communication theory.

11th September: Charles Savage will be facilitating the webinar: "Rethinking AI: Artificial Ignorance!"

““Ignorant of their ignorance, yet wise in their own esteem, these deluded men proud of their vain learning go round and round like the blind led by the blind.” Katha Upanishad

Does our “SMARTNESS” blind us to our needed “WISDOM?” What is the thinking behind this? We have so focused on “things out there,” using science to study and measure, that we’ve overlooked the dimensions of life that go beyond just the “Objective.” As you know, we “swim” in a sea of words and concepts and often the turbulence confuses us and we loose our way! Our inner smarts GPS might tell us where we are, but not what is happening around us or what it really means. This is where and why we wisdom.
Let’s talk about!

Change of Date!!! 16th October: Martin Bruders will be facilitating the webinar: "Silence and exchange"

How does our communication change the silence and the silence our communication? A brief empirical insight.
Please have a look at this video from Martin with more details about the coming webinar.


13th November: Sergej van Middendorp will be facilitating the webinar: "The model, named MMIIRR"

The MMIIRR provides a mirror to systems designers who have to design systems that are capable to deal with complexity and emergence. Systems designers can use MMIIRR for reflexive reflections in-interaction with meta-metaphors. After the webinar, participants will have some practical tools to help them increase their awareness for metaphors AS metaphors in their conversations. This, in turn will help to more consciously generate the desired system and more consciously mitigate the negative effects of existing systems they are trying to change.

11th December: Denis Knubel will be facilitating the webinar: "Teal Politics: How is the Polis organized on a "Teal level"? What forms could "integral Politics" take?"

Laloux provided us with beautiful insights into the principles and practices of Teal organizations, which involve people voluntarily working together at specific goals. However, the functioning of the public sphere(s) of life, from local neighbourhoods to the global political systems, raises a number of specific questions. Politics has to organize or provide a framework for the life of the whole community, regardless of the degree of agreement or disagreement of its members. It has to deal with issues of power, authority, normativity, legality, and the resolution of conflicts. Even if there has been a long way since Hobbes' Leviathan (1651), the modern State and the modern State system remain the main referents in this discussion, despite issues of globalization on one end and neomedievalism or fragmentation of the State construct on the other.
What forms can Politics take in the future, from decision-making processes to the role of the legal system? From the locus of sovereignty in a digital world to that of the use of force?

The webinar is conceived more as a common enquiry than a locus with answers. After considering a number of "integral" initiatives, it will evoke the agenda of a research that is going to last.