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Flying University of Global Integral Competence

Flying University of Global Integral Competence

FUGIC Forum 2014 + IfGIC Annual assembly meeting

September 5th - 6th 2014 in World House in Wetten, Germany (www.world-house.eu)

"Cosmopolitan Communication" as communication in a new stage of evolution

Our team and IfGIC members, from several nationalities, came together in Wetten-Germany to engage in Integral Dialogue, report on and actively participate in research, and share Cosmopolitan and Transparent Communication practices. The Forum was held in the World House - a beautiful hotel in the countryside near the small ancient town of Wetten, surrounded by nature and silence. We were inspired by the openness and depth that participants brought to this event. We started by focusing attention on the self, its shadows, taking different perspectives on it, sensing our bodies, our energies, and more importantly, opening our hearts to each other in a non-judgmental environment and letting love and compassion be the ground of our communication. The group came together committed to find more creative and holistic ways to address the complexities related to peace, health and wealth. We used World Cafe style activities to harvest the collective intelligence in the room and inquire on how to address these challenges. We looked at jazz improvisation metaphors as a way to make meaning of our experiences as humans and more effectively embrace uncertainties, vulnerability, our creative impulse, and the flow of life itself. Our Forum was also an opportunity to experience the healing abilities each of us have when we care deeply about others.

Frank Behrens

“First of all, I really appreciate the initiative. It was my first encounter. It was a small and very dedicated group, many very intensive encounters and an astonishing openness. I loved the flexibility of the core team navigating with the flows.”

Steve Holmes

“I see our project not only as a vision but also as a stage on which we can practice.  We could take some of those exercises we did and reflect on them, make suggestions, and try them out again in slightly changed form. Just like in jazz we can try out different variations upon the same theme, or on a different theme.”

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