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Flying University of Global Integral Competence

Flying University of Global Integral Competence

FUGIC Dialogue Facilitators Workshop in 2017 in Slovenia

"When Individuality acknowledges Wholeness: Dialogue in the realms of Ecstasy, Awe and Creativity" will take place on May 25st - 28st in Slovenia.

FUGIC is conceptualized and organized by Institute for Global Integral Competence (IfGIC). FUGIC is not a University yet. but plans to begin with a Master Course in the near future. Visit www.ifgic.org

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At the beginning of this third millennium AD, the world has achieved remarkable developments in global and instantaneous communication. Yet, in spite of these achievements, terrible human issues still persist due in large part to the darker side of our civilization: illness, poverty, and war. In some way, these issues are always concerned with managing personal relationships and communication – healthcare communication, humanitarian communication and intercultural communication. Thus, all our individual and social problems share one common challenge: To effectively communicate and understand each other through words and nonverbal and to creatively explore and develop new (or redefine old) solutions to our problems, most of which we construct or co-construct ourselves.

Flying University of Global Integral Competence promotes “Cosmopolitan Communication (CC)”, which is a communication form in the second tier (yellow and turquoise) of the human evolution. Each individual cannot grasp the whole concept of CC, but we all together are able to draw a big blueprint of CC by using “integral map” and “tools” (transparent communication, integral dialogue etc.). FUGIC is a new co-creating integral learning platform for all people who want to apply CC to our social reality – health, wealth and peace.



 FEB, 13  1 Webinar FUGIC Kazuma CLOSED
 MAR, 13  2 Webinar FUGIC Anna CLOSED
 APR, 10  3 Webinar FUGIC Marion CLOSED
 MAY, 8  4 Webinar FUGIC Mari CLOSED
 JUNE, 19  5 Webinar FUGIC Agata CLOSED
 JULY, 10  6 Webinar FUGIC  David Aliyah BOARDING 
 AUGUST, 14  7 Webinar FUGIC Stephen  
 SEPTEMBER, 11  8 Webinar FUGIC Charles